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20 Caspari Christmas Cards with Sara Eyestone's Poinsettias and Gold leaf   $25, price includes shipping.

"Caspari has been reproducing my floral paintings on blank notecards for twenty years, and because of this association, my work is familiar to people from South Africa to Japan.  Over 500 museum shops alone carry my cards.  I once mailed my portfolio (which is filled with Caspari Notecards) to an art director who then called to say that for years he bought my cards for his mother, and yes, the job was mine!  I am happy to report that in 2001 and 2002 you will see a completely new line of Eyestone cards for Caspari."

caspari-roses-mini.jpg (3539 bytes)     caspari-poppies-mini.jpg (3711 bytes)     caspari-favthings-mini.jpg (4860 bytes)     caspari-teafor2-mini.jpg (5039 bytes)

8 Assorted Blank Caspari Notecards with Envelopes
$15, price includes shipping.

caspari1.gif (3042 bytes)

Order Line 505.577.4991


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